Service, Repair & Upgrade

Just like your car, your computer needs servicing to keep it in good condition and working well. Could an upgrade of some of the components give it a new lease of life into it? >>

Advice & Consultancy

Your busy running your business, who's making sure that your IT stuff is giving you the best return is can for your investment? Are the basics getting done? Could you get more out of the equipment you have? >>

Support & Help

We can provide support for any problem that might come up. Whether by phone, remote access, email or onsite. We can take that problem off your hands and deal with it. >>

Web Services

Broadband, email, website design development and hosting, private networks and remote access, or cloud backup we can help. >>

Bring your PC or Laptop up to speed with a service!

A Service goes a long way to speeding up your computer:

If your computer seems to be taking longer and longer to start up, seems to freeze, or is just getting cluttered, a service can help get things back to normal.


Want a new or refreshed website?

Refreshing your website probably won't cost as much as you think.

Giving the right impression of your company is vital, and for many potential customers your website will be the first contact they have with you. We can design and development your new site, often for less than an advert in the local '.


Recent News

Thanks and Goodnight Windows XP!

After a long and dutiful service Windows XP is finally heading into retirement. Microsoft have announced that support for this hugely popular OS will stop in 2014. Windows 7 is the new King!

Got it covered? Where's your backup?

Have you got the backups you need to restore from a computer problem? Keep your installation DVD handy and take regular backups of your data. Thought about letting someone else worry about it and use automatic backups to safe and secure off-site storage?