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"Keep it going!" 101 things can go wrong with computers, and we can help when they do.

Service, Repair & Upgrade

Servicing a PC or laptop can breed new life into it. Call and discuss your specific needs.
Things break - but with a good source of spares for repairing your machine can be easy on your pocket.
A memory upgrade, faster/larger hard drive. A good machine can be made better, a bad machine can be made good. Call us.

Our Recommendations

  • Keep your updates up to date Microsoft release new updates to Microsoft programs regularly. Make sure you have the latest bug fixes and security updates available by enabling Automatic updates.
  • Keep it clean - keep it lean Over the years computers get clogged up. Whether by system files not being deleted or by the stuff we install either knowingly or not, they work better when they've had a spring clean.


In this digital age we're putting more and more of our photos, videos and music libraries on our computers. But hard-drives are mechanical devices like any other, and can fail. There are many different ways and means of backing up your essential files.

USB drives, "cloud" or internet storage, DVD? The best way for you to backup those 'cant be lost' files will depend on your individual requirements as each platform has is pros and cons. We're happy to get to know your requirements and advise accordingly.